Tried and tested know-how

Editor and integrator of smart software solutions for small to medium terminals, we offer a personalised monitoring during all your project phases.
Our 34 years' experience means we have a total mastery of computer technologies and a recognized expertise in the maritime industry.
For managing containers and financial/human resource tracking on your terminal, we have the solution you need.

You wish to know more about our turnkey integrated solutions and our services for maritime terminals?

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An extensive expertise

For more than 30 years, we’re innovating to offer our customers smart and efficient software solutions. Our solutions are adapted to the specific requirements of Container and Roro Terminals throughout the world.

A dynamic team of passionate software development experts

To anticipate new maritime industry paradigms, our teams work every day on continuous improvements of our software solutions and put innovation at the heart of their priorities. Our R&D department conceives the solutions of tomorrow. We are investing in the Internet of Things, mapping applications and smart algorithms.

Two core activities

Editor et integrator, we offer integrated solution and comprehensive service. We support our clients at every stage from the customization to the deployment and the update of our products.


We place efficiency, continuous improvement and individual support at the heart of our business. To simplify your cargo operations, solve your logistics challenges and increase your productivity, we are ensuring, right at the beginning of the project, we have a shared vision about objectives pursued.

Our clients are our best references

More than 30 companies worldwide chose us to improve their operational efficiency on their maritime terminal.


“OSCAR is less complex and more user-friendly than other TOS and Client Support delivers high quality services.” 

Abidjan Terminal


“OSCAR is a complete software which allows a real-time control of all our maritime operations in Cotonou. Its user-friendly interface couldn’t be easier to use for our teams TOS.”

Bénin Terminal


Together we will optimize your operational efficiency