Terminal Operating System (TOS) for Container and Roro terminals

You wish to optimize your yard occupation, your handling equipment costs as well as gates waiting times? Reach better productivity levels with OSCAR TOS!

Used on more than twenty Container and Roro terminals worldwide, OSCAR provides the global assistance you need to plan, execute and control in real-time all your land and maritime operations. Our adaptable and modular solution suits very easily your local organization and all your operating procedures. Its user-friendly and comprehensive interface requires very few technical knowledge, thus ensuring fast adoption by your teams.
Efficient planning and execution of your operations
Real-time control of all your activities
Enhancement of the collective efficiency
Thanks to a unique database, an automatic and real time data display and to auto-calculation functions, our solution allows you to take better decisions, whether it is at gates, regarding containers layout on the yard, or for your loading and discharging operations. OSCAR allows you to visualize and monitory yard and maritime operations,and container handling equipment movements, at scale and in real time.
Gate planning

OSCAR integrates a trucker’s appointment module for receipt and delivery of containers. Thanks to this module, traffic throughput and container movements are optimized.

Vessel Operations planning

Our solution allows you to simulate, view and manage various sequencing scenarios to produce automatically the most optimal Crane Split.

Yard planning

Containers allocations on yard is under your control with numerous parameters, and positioning is improved through proven and understandable algorithms.., Gear automated assignments are defined in real time by the system, based on the most current available information, to minimize movements on your terminal.


From multiple dashboards, OSCAR allows you to measure, follow and control all movements on your terminal. You can easily modify the workflow, notably in case of disturbance to keep the fluidity of your operations.

With OSCAR, all activities and data synchronization increases your responsiveness in the treatment of operations.
EDI integrated module

Delivered with an integrated EDI module, OSCAR allows exchanges with all your partners (shipowners, port networks, customs, etc.) per standard formats (EDIFACT, ANSI X12, csv, etc.) or based on your specifications.

Embedded system, reliable and secure

Thanks to a wi-fi or narrowband radiocommunication system, information is deployed on the various devices (gantries, riders, RTG, Reach Stakers, etc) of the yard and accessible in real time by your teams.

You wish to improve your terminal productivity ?

We are with you at each step
We implement our solutions ourselves

At TGI Maritime Software, we are committed to providing easily customized solutions that meet your company’s needs. Our experts’ teams will support the execution and implementation of all aspects of your project from the outset.

We provide and install all the equipment you need

We work in partnership with technology leaders to provide the most advanced, secure and reliable equipment (radio network, server application, hand-held terminals, etc.). Our solution works on IBM Power server, widely recognized for its robustness and its low cost of ownership. We implement either narrowband or wifi radio communication systems depending on your needs and budget.

We train and support your teams

We know how important it is that your teams get the best from our software. Our customized training programs ensure fast adoption of our solutions by your users. We keep supporting your teams with first class support services day after day.

We ensure full maintenance and improvement

Our teams have developed an in-depth professional knowledge through years of experience in the maritime industry. Always concerned by quality and innovation, our teams are totally dedicated to maintenance and improvement of our software.