Our daily commitment

Our perfect knowledge of the maritime sector and our end-to-end process expertise enable us to offer you individual complete solution and turnkey services from the deployment to the update of our products.

An agile and pragmatic product lifecycle management

1/ Identification of your needs

Right from the beginning of your project, we identify exactly what your objectives are. At the end of this evaluation period, our good knowledge of your businesses and our expertise allow us to provide you a competitive quote.

2/ Design and construction

To deliver a turnkey solution, design and building works are always configured to match your specific business requirements. We produce the functional and technical specifications, iterative developments and testing with check points at every step.

3/ Acceptance testing and formation

Our first customized training sessions for your keys users allow them a fast and easy appropriation of our solutions. In the case of specific adjustments, our teams also support you in the achieving testing execution.

4/ Deployment of our solution

We support you throughout the start-up process to ensure the proper use of the system by all your stakeholders. Our metrics and long experience of on-site audits allow us to measure precisely objectives achievement.

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A comprehensive user assistance

 A customer service at your disposal

 At a day-to-day level, our customer service teams responded to your technical and functional problematics to profit from all the benefit of our solutions.

A R&D department to provide innovative solutions

In the near future, we want to bring you more added value to even better optimize all your Assets. Our R&D department conceives the solutions of tomorrow. We are investing in the Internet of Things, mapping applications and smart algortithms.