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Maritime expertise

Most of our Products and Projects managers, as well as our business analysts, have been working for the company or in this industry for more than 20 years. TGI Maritime Software can deliver a very strong business and benchmarking expertise, very much appreciated by our customers.
Furthermore, their leadership and experience allow them to take into consideration very early in the process all the issues a complex project on terminals can address, including some specific requirements from our customers.

Technological expertise

We have been selling software solutions for more than 30 years. Yet, we have been able to evolve and grow our technical expertise in order to maintain state of the art solutions.

This technical expertise allows us to keep proposing attractive pricing on a long term basis.


We are looking for long term and quality relationship with our customers. We quote our projects exclusively on a fixed price basis.

We are committed to deliver on time. Our business and technical expertise allows proactive and constructive exchanges with customers, leading to successful deliveries.
Maintenance and evolution projects are managed with the same spirit of efficiency and transparency, leading to trustful relationships.

Efficient solutions

Our solutions are very efficient. They are feature-rich, fast and scalable. They use recent and proven technologies, in order to deliver intuitive user experience and very high availability, which is critical in the maritime operational activities.

Furthermore, we maintain costs at a very affordable level thanks to our teams’ expertise on business and technology, and to our company’s agility.

Our products

Discover our turnkey integrated solutions
for port terminals and shipping agents

For more than 30 years, we have been developing and producing intelligent, communicating and efficient software solutions for container and Ro-Ro terminals
and non-containerised cargo throughout the world.
As a partner to your success, we are with you at each step, in the deployment, the personalization and the update of our software.

Terminal Operating System (TOS) for container terminals. Plan, manage and optimize your operations on land and sea…

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Terminal Operating System for Roll-On/Roll-Off (RORO) vessels and breakbulk cargo. Manage all non-containerized goods in an efficient way…

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Revenue and cost management software for the Maritime Industry and shipping agents. Make your operations more profitable…

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Our Management Team

Marc Boyer Chammard


Loïc Lecomte

Projects Director

Olivier Leturgez

Technical Director

Catherine Debreyne

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